Oirschot is a lively, living historical town. With so much heritage there is always something of interest to experience. Please enter the old townhall and let yourself be informed by us about all of Oirschots beauty. Our town guides will take you back in time with all the love and passion they have for their old town.    

For centuries rich lords, clergy, architects, farmers, citizens and artists have left their mark on Oirschot. It’s impossible not to stumble across monuments, monasteries, estates and other places of interest. The Roman ‘Butterchurch’ on the Vrijthof has stood there since the 12th century. The imposing basilica of Saint Peter and the old townhall on the market square remind us of the times when Oirschot was the capitol of the Kempen region of Brabant. 

More special heritage sites

  • The Latin School

    Not an ordinary village school. Unlike other places, Oirschot did not have an ordinary village school, but a Latin school. As early as 1293, the first mention of education with several departments appears in the statutes of the Chapter, which formed the school board.

    The Latin School
  • Monastery Nazareth

    It is impossible to imagine Oirschot without the Franciscan Sisters Congregation.

    Monastery Nazareth
  • The 'Oude Toren'

    Hidden in the woods near Oostelbeers is the Oude Toren. Look closely especially in the summer and you will find it.

    The 'Oude Toren' Oude toren
  • Maria Chapel in Westelbeers

    Before 1637 a wooden chapel; built in 1637 in stone. Starting point of a beautiful walking route.

    Maria Chapel in Westelbeers
  • Karmel Blijendaal

    The Carmelite Sisters of Blijendaal lived here.

    Karmel Blijendaal

Did you know that you can even take the Oirschotlogy course? For anyone who wants to learn more about the history and development of the municipality of Oirschot. This is how we keep our heritage liveable and experienceable.

Hans Smits, project group Oirschotlogy

Spot on the monument ...

Each monument has its own history. Here we put the spotlight on the history of the mock aircraft. A special story, this modest but special military heritage site reminds us of the occupation in June 1940. Then a 'false airfield' was built near the Oirschotseweg.

Mock Airfield & Aircraft