The municipality of Oirschot consists of five village churches and has a total of about 18,000 inhabitants. The village cores of Middelbeers, Oostelbeers, and Westelbeers, collectively known as the Beerzen, owe their names to the rivers the Grote Beerze and the Kleine Beerze. In 1946, Middelbeers saw the appointment of the first female mayor in the Netherlands, Truus Smulders-Beliën. The people of the Beerzen are still proud of this.

The village of Spoordonk, also known as Sporring in the local dialect, also owes its origin to the river De Beerze. In addition to the monumental Spoordonk Water Mill, you will find many typical long facade farms in this agricultural area.

The municipality has two protected village views: the monumental Markt with its chestnut trees and the hamlet of Straten with the picturesque Antonius Chapel.

The villages also have a rich history, notable heritage gems, and delightful spots for food and drinks.

Heritage Gems in Spoordonk and de Beerzen - You can also find history and heritage in the villages

Heritage in the spotlight

The village hall 't Hart is located in the former Bernadette Church in Spoordonk. This beautifully and atmospherically decorated place provides space for organizing social, cultural, societal, and sports activities. It's the beating heart of Spoordonk.

Village hall 't Hart

Oirschot is a municipality that cherishes its heritage and history. Not only the municipality, but also many volunteers are passionately dedicated to preserving the heritage. It's something you're born with, it's in the genes. The municipality, residents, and even entrepreneurs are proud of the heritage, the beautiful buildings, and the unique estates and natural areas.

And those who know the past understand the present and the future better. Efforts are also being made in that direction. Plans are underway to make the center of Oirschot even more attractive and to foster collaborations. This way, we keep the village livable for all generations, promote employment and tourism, and ensure quality of living.

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