Time for reflection. Where better to do that than in Oirschot? The impressive Saint Peter's Basilica is an ideal place to find insight and tranquility, escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The combination of lush nature and religious heritage offers you a landscape of contemplation. Choose your moment and find peace.

Chapel of de Heilige Eik

It's worth deviating from your cycling junction route to visit this pilgrimage site. It leaves an impression. Even if you're not religious, you can simply light a candle. Walking routes based on the junctions are possible from the chapel.

In the month of May, many residents of Oirschot visit the chapel as part of a long-standing tradition and because in the past, it was known as "de meidenmert" (the maidens' market), as many Oirschot residents met their future wives here.

Heilige Eik

It leaves such an impression that even if you're not religious, you still want to light a candle here

Lex W, Tripadvisor

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Our Monastery Path

This Brabant pilgrimage route introduces you to Brabant's Monastic Life. The journey presents a spiritual and physical challenge for anyone seeking depth and has an interest in monastery heritage, and of course, enjoys a good hike.

Our Monastery Path