Hof van Solms


Hof van Solms
Koestraat 16
5688 AH Oirschot
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The Hof van Solms is a city palace built in 1663 by the physician Arnold Fey. The building is named after Amalia van Solms who was treated by doctor Fey. She donated the property to Fey because he saved her life. Fey started a medical practice in the building. Fey was trained as a support corset maker and later became known for his operations on cataracts, breast cancer and cleft lip. Patients came from far away and Fey became wealthy.

After the French invasion of Oirschot in 1672, Fey left Oirschot and left the Hof van Solms.

In 1904, the Franciscan Sisters bought the house and established a nursing home and hospital for old and sick sisters. They called it Sint-Franciscushof. The sisters moved in 1987. The building then became a well-known party center.

The building will soon be converted into an apartment complex.