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van Gerven Asperges
Hoeven 7
5688 GS Oirschot
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In our store, you have a wide selection of fresh asparagus. From the best restaurant-quality AA white Excellent to soup pieces, we have them all sorted for you. We also have a modern peeling machine, so you no longer have to peel the asparagus. You can come to us for peeled and unpeeled asparagus in all types and sizes!

In addition to asparagus, we also sell other products in our store. These products all complement a delicious asparagus meal. Think of fresh and smoked salmon, ham from butcher Joep Smits in Oirschot, new potatoes, the winning asparagus wine of the year, and many other products. These products are also delivered fresh to us daily, allowing you to buy a complete asparagus meal in our store.