Camper place Oirschot


De Rijt 1
5688 GR Oirschot
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Camper pitches equipped with all conveniences

It is a waterfront location, with a charming village within a short walking distance. The pitches are designed so that you can extend your awning in good weather. All campers stand on gravel, so you don't bring dirt into the camper. But if you prefer, you can place your table and chairs on the grass at the front/back of your camper, and enjoy the warm weather with bare feet on the grass!

Because we have made the pitches diagonal, both parking the camper and driving away are easy. The fences between the pitches were a tip from an experienced camper. They can be used, among other things, to place your bike against or to tether your dog.

Each camper pitch has a water tap and a Power Point. You don't need a long power cable!