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Antoon Kruysen - a French Brabander - exhibition in the Boterkerkje

Antoon Kruysen was a literary painter, his work is not about art but it tells stories. If he stayed in Brabant, he looked for the poverty of his youth, not for beauty. In the French countryside he identified with the caravan dwellers, drunks and circus performers. In Paris, he captivated the clochars and buskers. In Chartres he wandered through dark alleys at night. He never painted the graceful world of the bourgeoisie and the powerful.

On September 8, the book "Antoon Kruysen, a French Brabander" will be presented in the Boterkerkje. The book was written by Jef de Jager and realized in close collaboration with the Kruysenhuis. Then the exhibition of the same name with works by Antoon Kruysen will also be opened.